Morey Boogie Boards

Body Boards

1986 Morey Boogie Board Commercial

After graduating in Mathematics at the University of Southern California, Morey used his professional skills to develop several surf-related innovations.
Having worked in composite manufacturing and engineering at Douglas Aircraft, Tom knew the groundbreaking post-war materials. He quit his stable job and founded his own companies, with waves as a background inspiration for business. He rapidly started inventing: the first ever concave nose pocket (1954), the “Wing Tip” (1955), the interchangeable fin system (1964), paper surfboard (1965), and ultimately the bodyboard (1971).
Initially, he developed a six-foot board with skegs, with an epoxy glass bottom ad soft polyethylene deck, but the design was a flop. Fortunately, the solution appeared to be simple. He just cut a nine-foot piece of foam in two pieces.